About Us

Welcome to Ms. S-J Café where you will fall in love with coffee more!

Ms. S-J Café was established on the early 2000’s when there are still few café available for people to stay at. During this period, people are still trying to find the perfect place to drink coffee away from their homes. They believe that the relaxation that they get from their houses can also be achieved outside. Instead of going to parks and shopping malls, people chose to relieve their stress inside the coffee shops.

It was discovered that the aroma of coffee can help a person reduce stress and pressure, hence giving him or her sense of freedom to breathe carelessly of what is around him. The power of the coffee’s aroma can help people forget the things that they have to do. It seemed that they are being ordered to stop for a moment, sit on a table and get a sip of tasteful coffee to feel relaxed and calm.

This is the main goal of Ms. S-J Café. We make sure that we are serving the finest and the best coffee in the town as we want our customers to be relaxed. We carefully choose our finest ingredients and carefully combine them to make a perfect drink combination.

We also make sure that all our ingredients are fresh and they do not contain too much preservative that would make the finish product lose its quality. We want our customers to feel that they are special in every cup of coffee they purchase.

We also opened a number of physical stores around the town. We want our shop to be as accessible as possible. We want your every visit to be always memorable and special. One of our goals is to provide you something that is above your expectation. With Ms. S-J Café, you are special.