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We at Ms. S-J Café promote a healthy and harmonious relationship between our clients and our online readers. We want them to know that we are approachable business establishment that is always ready to answer their messages. We want to build a connection with our online readers and clients and to do that, we have to establish an engaging conversation with them. Customer satisfaction is a very important goal for us. We want them to be satisfied not only with what are the foods and drinks they can order and we can offer but how we also handle our service for them.

We know the importance of a good quality service. We are aware that the quality of your product can be greatly affected by the quality of your service. The products that you are very proud of would lose its value if you do not know how to handle your services properly.

This is the main principle that we value here at Ms. S-J Café. We know that once we lost our customers because of our poor service, we will not be able to regain them even using the best dish that we have.

If you have any concerns or messages, you can send an e-mail to customercare@