Things You Probably Did Not Know About Coffee

Coffee enthusiasts probably know all the reasons on earth why you should drink coffee. They probably have memorized the reasons why should they drink a cup of it every day and they have the idea of its health benefits. When coffee enthusiasts exit their customized garage door in Arizona and drive themselves down in Kansas to take a sip of their favorite coffee, they probably know why they can’t resist coffee.

Well, the thing is that there are coffee enthusiasts who still do not know a thing or two about their favorite drink. Here are some fun facts about coffee:

  • Coca-cola company makes their own line of coffee

Coca-Cola named their coffee as Georgia and they are actually rare. They are only available in Bahrain, India and South Korea. Although there are restaurants offering this canned coffee, they are quite expensive and will definitely cost you real pennies.


  • The northernmost island on Earth is named “Coffee Club Island”

According to the computations of our geographers, the island located on top of Greenland is the northernmost island significant to Earth. Its early discoverers named it Coffee Island Club in honor of the “coffee club” geographers who regularly have a study session at the University of Copenhagen.


  • The New York Stock Exchange was a former coffee shop

Before it was considered as the New York Stock Exchange, it was formerly a coffee shop. The coffee shop unfortunately was burned down way back in 1935. According to studies, writers, politicians, merchants, traders and brokers used to go to the place to gather and discuss different matters.


  • The first person to invent instant coffee was named George Washington

We all probably know that Chicago chemist Satori Kato was the first one to invent the first instant coffee involving water in 1901. However, a man named George Washington was the first to mass produce instant coffee. Although it did not become a successful hit the moment it was released for the public to consume, the American government gave them as supplies of the American soldier.


  • The saucer was originally used to cool down the coffee

During the 18th century, it was believed that the saucers that we use today are much deeper and wider compared to what we use today. The reason is that deeper saucers are used to cool down the coffee before drinking it. a wider surface area makes the cooling process easier. However, this theory is still a theory as there is still a need for further study before it can be proven.


  • The two oldest cats who were recorded drink coffee everyday

The recognized cat who have lived the longest, 35 years, was reportedly drinking coffee every day. He had 35 years on Earth which was considered as a very long lifespan for cats. However, he died in 2005. But the other oldest cat, which was owned by the same owner, lived up to 34 year. Interestingly, they have the same diet and it included drinking coffee every day in adequate amount.